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International Judging
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AIAA Regional Student Conference Portal

2018 AIAA Foundation International Student Conference sponsored by The Boeing Company


The first place winners of the 2017 Regional Student Conference were invited to participate in the 2018 AIAA Foundation International Student Conference which took place in conjunction with the AIAA SciTech Forum 2018 in Kissimmee, Florida 8-12 January 2018. The students presented their work to an audience of professional AIAA members from Industry. The students papers are also published as part of the proceedings for the AIAA SciTech Forum. The winners for the 2018 AIAA Foundation International Student Conference are as follows:




Undergraduate Category
“Tomographic Background-Oriented Schlieren for Three-Dimensional Density Field Reconstruction in Asymmetric Shock-containing Jets”
Rhiannon Kirby
Monash University
Region VII-AU


Undergraduate Team Category
“Project REPTAR: REcoverable ProTection After Re-entry”
Team lead by: Calvin Buechler
University of Colorado, Boulder
Region V

Master’s Category
“Understanding Unsteady Aerodynamics of Cycloidal Rotors in Hover at Ultra-low Reynolds Numbers”
Carolyn M. Walther, David A. Coleman
Texas A&M University
Region IV